Julien Dubreuil

Digital Technology Manager

Julien Dubreuil Digital Technology Manager

Digital Transformation Leader focused on driving business growth through impactful business applications. Entrepreneurial mindset aligning technical decisions with the company's vision. Actively engaging with engineering and application code bases. Empowering innovative teams, fostering a collaborative culture.

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About Me

With over 15 years of experience in software and product development across multiple industries, I am an expert in delivering scalable and customer-oriented solutions.

Currently, as the Digital Digital Technology Director at Valeo Service, I lead a dedicated team of 35+ members across France and Egypt, driving innovation and building cutting-edge products that meet our customers' needs.

As an advocate of clean code and agile development practices, I am passionate about innovation and added value that digital technology can bring to the business.

I believe in empowering cross-functional teams and partners through leadership, transparency, communication, and collaboration, and organizing them into dedicated product units that can deliver outstanding results.

My skills include:

  • Building and scaling up cross-functional teams
  • Deploying digital strategies in an Agile mindset to deliver iterative products that meet business needs
  • Driving technical strategy & innovation roadmaps
  • Architecting technical solutions at enterprise scale level

In addition to my professional pursuits, I enjoy traveling, cooking, beekeeping 🐝, and going for walks.

Professional Experience

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Global Digital Technology Director

Valeo, Paris, France

Sept 2019 - Present

I am currently leading the Valeo Service Digital Dev Factory, composed of a passionate, innovative, and cross-disciplinary team of 35+ individuals, including developers, DevOps, Scrum Masters, QA specialists, architects, and project managers, across France and Egypt.

I spearheaded the establishment of the Valeo Service Digital Factory team, overseeing all aspects from HR, technical decision-making, tools, processes, and guidelines, building it entirely from the ground up.

Presently, my focus is on developing and operating business applications using traditional or serverless approaches, while implementing Agile & DevOps methodologies.

Key Contributions:

  • Manage a diverse team of developers, Scrum masters, QAs, SysOps engineers, and Cyber architects.
  • Oversee a portfolio of 20+ projects, including internally developed solutions and off-the-shelf implementations.
  • Lead technology and operations projects, estimating timeframes, defining project scopes, selecting methodologies, creating schedules, allocating resources, ensuring quality, and managing budgets.
  • Drive the adoption of an Agile mindset and culture throughout the company, promoting collaboration among product teams and executives.
  • Introduce a continuous improvement process and roadmap to stay abreast of industry best practices and trends.

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IT Digital Delivery Manager

Parrot, Paris, France

Mars 2018 - Sept 2019

This experience allowed me to successfully managed IT activities, led projects, and supervised a development team.

I developed websites utilizing Agile methodologies and a diverse range of technologies on a a cloud-based infrastructure to drive business growth and enhance user engagement.

Key Contributions:

  • Scoped, planned, and ensured the smooth operation of websites, taking accountability for their successful delivery.
  • Spearheaded the development team, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment to drive successful outcomes.
  • Authored comprehensive technical specifications, providing clear guidance and direction to facilitate the development process.
  • Provided technical architectures, prioritizing scalability, performance, and security of digital solutions.

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Digital Software Architect and Technical Team Lead

Brainovix - Freelance, Paris, France

July 2015 - Aug 2019

Through founding and operating my own company, I embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial journey, complementing my technical expertise and enabling the delivery of impactful technology strategies to business and technical teams, driving business growth.

My entrepreneurial journey has fostered a unique combination of business acumen and technical excellence, empowering me to deliver strategic technology solutions that fuel business growth.

Key Contributions:

  • Proved proficiency in understanding business objectives and project requirements, aligning technology solutions accordingly.
  • Developed expertise in web technical architecture, including PHP and Go development, data migration, API implementation, and ERP/CRM integration.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills as a development team leader, both onsite or remote teams.
  • Implemented project industrialization through the utilization of CI/DevOps tools, ensuring streamlined and efficient processes.

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Senior Software Developer & Technical Lead

Commerce Guys, Paris, France

Aug 2012 - July 2015

In my role as Lead Developer at Commerce Guys, I took on the responsibility of developing integrated e-commerce applications and leading multiple development teams, both internally and externally, to ensure the successful delivery of web projects.

Key Contributions:

  • Demonstrated strong leadership skills in overseeing and guiding teams of developers (including junior developers) to deliver B2B or B2C e-commerce solutions and projects.
  • Developed and implemented PHP and Drupal projects, leveraging these technologies to create effective and scalable solutions.
  • Provided comprehensive customer support throughout the entire project lifecycle, from defining needs and requirements to delivering the final product, ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Actively participated in pre-sales activities, offering valuable technical insights and contributing to solution design.

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Senior Software Developer

Ideia, Paris, France

March 2009 - July 2012

Ideia was a small-sized IT services company that specialized in delivering high-quality development projects in Java and PHP.

During my time at Ideia, I worked on two key projects for Le Figaro, a prominent French newspaper: Le Figaro and Le Figaro Madame.

Key Contributions:

  • Developed and maintained robust web applications using PHP and Drupal, consistently delivering high-quality code while adhering to coding standards.
  • Collaborated closely with functional teams to analyze business requirements and implement effective solutions.
  • Implemented complex features, optimizing performance and scalability for an enhanced user experience.

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Software Developer

Alten, Paris, France

Oct 2007 - March 2009

Alten is a leading European engineering and technology consulting company, offering support and expertise in development.

I began my journey at Alten as a system administrator and moved into a web developer role at Orange Beta.

Key Contributions:

  • Developed and maintained a web performance monitoring solution.
  • Troubleshot technical issues and provided resolution.
  • Collaborated with senior system administrators and IT teams to optimize system functionality.

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Software Developer

Neptco Europe, Beauvais, France

Oct 2004 - Oct 2007

During my internship, I focused on implementing various information system solutions to enhance company efficiency.

Key Contributions:

  • Managed project implementation for new information system solutions.
  • Embedded systems developement and server administration.
  • Installed and configured software and hardware components to support business operations.



Mastering Business Excellence - MBE LiVE C14

CEDEP - Executive Development – Fontainebleau

2004 - 2007

Engineering Degree in Computer Science

ITII Picardie - Conservatoire National des Arts et MétiersConservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

2002 - 2004

BTS informatique

CFAI Sifor Oise